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Can I read the magazine on my tablet or phone?

Yes!  Digging History Magazine is formatted as a PDF and can be easily downloaded into the various reading apps available for tablet or phone.  Apps you can use include: iBooks, Google Play Books, Kindle, Nook, Adobe Reader, BlueFire and more.  You may also download to your laptop or computer and read it using Adobe Reader (or one of the above-named apps installed on your computer or laptop).

How do I download the magazine from the email?

On your computer or laptop click the attachment and either download (check your computer’s designated download folder) or open the file in whatever reader you want to use (see above).

Here’s an example, for instance, using a Gmail account to download to your tablet or phone:

In Gmail when you open the email, the attachment will automatically download (if it doesn’t just tap).  Once you see the file is downloaded, tap and hold until you see app choices displayed (these will vary depending on which apps are installed on your tablet or phone).  You may use iBooks, Google Play Books, Kindle, Nook, Adobe Reader, Blue Fire and more.  Click your favorite app to copy and start reading!

Do you offer subscriptions?

Yes!  We have three levels of subscriptions to choose from:  3-month ($9); 6-month ($18) and one-year ($36).  Go to the Magazine Store, and select “Buy a Subscription” then select the level you would like to purchase.  Go to checkout and make payment and your first issue will soon be on its way (subscriptions always begin with the issue of the month when you make the purchase).

Do you accept payment by check?

We prefer you make purchases online through the payment gateways provided (Credit Card and PayPal).  However, you may pay for subscriptions by check.  Go to the Contact page and send us a message telling us you’d like to pay by check.  We will contact you and make arrangements.

Why are special editions priced differently than monthly issues?

Special editions will often be a compilation of a series of articles centered around a particular theme.  Prices for special editions will be determined by the content.

Will you ever offer a print edition of the magazine?

It’s not likely that we will ever do so because that would add so much cost to the product.  Digital downloads are easier to format and less expensive to produce, saving customers money and us the headache of having to juggle both digital and print versions.  You can, of course, print your own PDF copy.

Do you take article submissions?

Absolutely yes!  The goal of the magazine is to eventually broaden its scope and reach by opening the door for those interested in our vision of telling the stories that don’t necessarily make it to the history books.  Let’s talk (seh@digginghistorymag.com)!

You formerly had a blog (Digging History) where articles were free to read.  Why did you change the format and start charging to read articles?

I’ve long wanted to figure out a way to make money writing the stories.  Many blogs with similar content or focus will put internet ads (what’s often called “click bait”) on their sites to generate income.  I detest those because you never know what kind of content will pop up.  Some of it may be offensive.  One thing for sure – it’s annoying.  I believe people can appreciate my sentiments and desire to earn income without going the route of those annoying ads.  I hope you’ll always find the magazine interesting and worth your money.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns.  If necessary we will add them to this list for the benefit of all.