If history were taught in the form of stories,
it would never be forgotten.  — Rudyard Kipling

History has long been a passion of mine.  After unexpectedly  experiencing a significant business reversal in 2013 I began to ponder my next career steps.  I decided at this point in my life I only want to do things I’m absolutely passionate about.  Since you are visiting this site you probably share that passion.

My first venture was a WordPress blog site which eventually became Digging History.  For several months, beginning in October 2013, I wrote almost daily until I had amassed a library of over six hundred articles.

My goal was to find the stories you wouldn’t necessarily find in the history books.  Each day had a theme — Tombstone Tuesday (a random search at Find–A-Grave to research and write some everyday person’s story), Ghost Town Wednesday, Wild Weather Wednesday, Far-Out Friday, Feisty Females, Feudin’ and Fightin’ Friday, Surname Saturday and more.

Along the way I was also honing my skills as a genealogist, with the goal of getting paid to research other people’s family history.  Today, I spend a great deal of time researching family history and creating custom pedigree charts for my clients.  My passion for writing is still burning brightly, however.

Serving as editor (and writer of many articles) of South Plains Roots, the award-winning periodical of South Plains Genealogical Society in Lubbock, Texas, has solidified my decision to return to writing.  Instead of blog articles I am extending my creative skills to publishing a digital magazine with an eye to reaching a larger audience.  I will also be looking for other passionate people who want to contribute their own stories.  If you have a story to tell, contact me and let’s talk.

In each issue you’ll find articles about unique, unusual and never-heard-of stories which shaped history.  You might see articles based on some unusual newspaper headline I’ve stumbled upon while searching for family history clues.   Some will be thoughtful, some will be thought-provoking, many will be informative, and some you just might find entertaining.

Some themes from the blog will be re-purposed:  Far-Out Friday is now “Believe it or not . . . stranger things have happened” and Tombstone Tuesday becomes “The Dash” and so on.

Regular features will include genealogy research tips, book reviews and more —  I’ll even write about some of my own research (Adventures in  Research) and family history (Relatively Speaking).    While some issues may have a running theme, most of the time you will find an eclectic mixture of stories highlighting events you’ve likely never heard of – in other words, stories you won’t find in your everyday history book.  It’s all history and it’s all good!

This is my new adventure and I hope you’ll join me.   As the picture above so aptly depicts, we are embarking on a journey together – ALL ABOARD!