This month’s issue features an extensive article on finding records from World War I — not always the easiest task since service records were destroyed in a 1973 fire at the National Archives facility in St. Louis.  However, there are still plenty of records —  interesting and unique ones!  World War I, aka “The Great War” is historically considered the first modern war. Both historically and genealogically speaking, the records generated during this volatile time in American history are potentially a treasure trove of fascinating information. The best part? Lots of stories!

The regular “Family History Tool Box” column has some additional tips, including ways to link certain events in order to piece together a record of an ancestor’s service.  After reading the articles on “Rolling up Their Sleeves: World War I and the Road to Suffrage” and “Pandemic:  On the Home Front (Blue as Huckleberries and Spitting Blood)” you’ll have a better idea of the challenges faced on both the war and home fronts.  Preview the magazine (video), purchase the issue or begin a subscription:

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