This month’s issue begins where last month’s issue left off. We’ll take a look at some unique stories related to the Civil War’s aftermath.

Next, the focus turns to two extraordinary individuals who made names for themselves walking (Edward Payson Weston) and hiking (Emma Gatewood). You’ll especially be inspired by Grandma Gatewood’s story.

I’m pleased to publish an article by a new subscriber, Mary Pritchard. Mary shares how she and her family solved a family history mystery after years of searching for a long-lost aunt (Finding Augusta). It was a true “Adventure in Research”!

This issue features three ghost town articles, two of which may or may not ever have actually existed. You’ll have to be the judge. Hopefully, it will at least give you a good chuckle!

Do you ever wonder about how everything has a history? I do (I’m just kinda wired like that!). Whether or not you’re a person who dreads or absolutely looks forward to it every year, spring cleaning has a history (no kidding!). If you dread it, you might wish there really was such a thing as the “self-cleaning house” invented by Frances GABe (not a typo).

Sometimes, we of a certain age, long for “the good old days” when things were a whole lot simpler. This issue introduces a new column which will appear from time to time: “Remember When?”

I’m already thinking about the June issue and “Road Trip!” comes to mind since the summer vacation season will be starting up soon. Stay tuned!

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Sharon Hall, Publisher and Editor, Digging History Magazine