I just looked up the world’s estimated population as of December 2017 — 7.6 billion!

So, what does “fifty out of seven-point-six billion mean?  For Digging History that is how many dedicated history lovers I am looking for who will commit to helping me keep afloat while building a customer base for Digging History Magazine.  Or, maybe you’re a friend — or even a stranger — who just wants to help one of your fellow 7.6 billion human beings find success.

Fifty out of 7.6 billion really isn’t a lot, is it?  Certainly not, but it would mean a LOT to Digging History because at least 50 purchasing customers per month for the remainder of 2018 represents the means to cover monthly operating expenses for site hosting and various fees.  Fifty dedicated customers is, of course, just the first (modest) benchmark.  I’ll also need folks to spread the word to expand the magazine’s influence.

What is Digging History Magazine?

Beginning in late 2013 and through the early part of 2016 hundreds of articles were posted at the Digging History blog site (www.digging-history.com).  I love researching and writing the articles but I’d like to receive some compensation for my efforts, so I decided the best avenue to accomplish that would be to digitize Digging History.  The magazine also gives me more latitude to be creative in layout and presentation.  All articles are accompanied by footnotes and sources, where appropriate.  It’s colorful, informative, easy to read and navigate (see feedback below).

Digging History Magazine is the digital version of the blog, a PDF download you can enjoy on your computer, tablet or phone.  Currently, it’s anticipated monthly issues will be about 40-50 pages in length — perhaps more as the customer base expands and I find other contributors to write for the magazine.  Look for a new contributor in the March issue, a passionate historian of all things Appalachian.  I can’t wait to introduce her to you!

The new site, where you are right now (https://www.digginghistorymag.com), is the place to purchase monthly and special edition issues of Digging History Magazine.  Click on “The Magazine” and then click on an issue image to see the contents and sample link or to purchase.  By the way, each purchase made between now and the end of March is a chance to win a prize package (see the “Special Offers” link on the magazine site).

While introductory prices are in effect this month, the regular price for monthly editions will be $2.99.  Pricing for Special Edition issues will vary according to length of content.  In addition popular articles from the blog will be available as stand-alone digital downloads (including footnotes and sources) for a modest fee.

The January 2018 issue can be purchased here (see the issue contents and link to download a sample to try-before-you-buy).  Our first Special Edition on Early American Faith is also available and may be purchased here.  Plans are to provide a yearly subscription when repeat business reaches an optimal level.  Thus, for now, it’s monthly purchase only.

If you’re not already an email subscriber to the Digging History Blog, consider doing so by providing your email address in the right-hand corner of this page and press “Subscribe” to sign up.  That way, you’ll get notice of new issues of the magazine when they become available.  Rest assured, your email address will never, ever be shared with anyone else.

What are People Saying About the Magazine?

We are featuring articles about historical events and characters you won’t necessarily find in history books.  Each month’s issue will also include articles on genealogy and family history (“ancestories”, how-to, tips and more).  Although the magazine is just getting off the ground, this is the feedback received thus far:

  • “Don’t know how I found it but really enjoyed it. I love to find the background story of ancestors. Just finding birth and death date does nothing for me. Can’t wait for the next issue!”
  • “I started reading the magazine late last night😊 Love it! Layout looks great, font size is perfect, and content keeps me wanting more!”
  • “I found the contents fascinating and learned some useful information.”

Looking Ahead

The last several days have been a roller coaster of emotions and, quite frankly, full of mistakes and missteps as I’ve tried to roll out the magazine.  It’s proven to be quite a challenge switching over a free-to-read to a pay-to-read site.  What keeps me going?  Passion and faith — passion for what I do and love (history) and belief in the One who made and endowed me with that passion.  I plan to keep pushing forward until I reach my goals (and beyond).  Will you join me?


Sharon Hall, Editor and Publisher